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Saccani M., Parisi L., Bergonzi C., Bianchera A., Galli C., Macaluso G.M., Bettini R., Elviri L. Surface modification of chitosan films with a fibronectin fragment-DNA aptamer complex to enhance osteoblastic cell activity: a mass spectrometry approach probing evidence on protein behavior Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 2018 (Full text available here)

Bergonzi C., Di Natale A., Zimetti F., Marchi C., Bianchera A., Bernini F., Silvestri M., Bettini R., Elviri R. “Study of 3D-printed chitosan scaffold features after different post-printing gelation processes” accepted, in press Scientific Reports (2018)

Alfieri M., Barbaro F., Consolini E., Bassi E., Dallatana D., Bergonzi C., Bianchera A., Bettini R., Toni R., Elviri L. “A targeted mass spectrometry method to screen collagen types I-IV in the decellularized 3D extracellular matrix of the adult male rat thyroid.” Talanta (2019) 1-8

Intini C., Elviri L., Cabral J., Mros S., Bergonzi C., Bianchera A., Flammini L., Govoni P., Barocelli E., Bettini R., McConnell M. “3D-printed chitosan-based scaffolds: an in vitro study of human skin cell growth and an in vivo wound healing evaluation in experimental diabetes in rats” Carbohydrate Polymers (2018) 199; 593-602 

Elviri L., Foresti R, Bergonzi C., Zimetti F., Marchi C., Bianchera A., Bernini F., Silvestri M. and Bettini R. Highly defined 3D printed chitosan scaffolds featuring improved cell growth (2017) Biomedical MaterialsVolume 12Number 4


Elviri L., Bianchera A., Bergonzi C., Bettini R. Controlled local drug delivery strategies from chitosan hydrogels for wound healing (2017) Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 14(7): 897-908


Parisi L., Galli C., Bianchera A., Lagonegro P., Elviri L., Smerieri A., Lumetti S., Manfredi E., Bettini R., Macaluso G.M. Anti-fibronectin aptamers improve the colonization of chitosan films modified with D-(+) Raffinose by murine osteoblastic cells (2017) J Mater Sci: Mater Med 28:136

Elviri L., Foresti R., Bergonzi C., Zimetti F., Marchi C., Bianchera A., Bernini F., Silvestri M., Bettini R. Highly defined 3D printed chitosan scaffolds featuring improved cell growth (2017) Biomedical Materials 12 (4)

De Angelis E., Ravanetti F., Martelli P., Cacchioli A., Ivanovska A., Corradi A., Nasi S., Bianchera A., Passeri B., Canelli E., Bettini R., Borghetti P. The in vitro biocompatibility of D-(+) raffinose modified chitosan: Two- dimensional and three-dimensional systems for culturing of horse articular chondrocytes (2017) Research in Veterinary Science 115: 310-317


Elviri L., Bergonzi C., Bianchera A., Bettini R. Mapping insulin non-covalent interactions with natural polysaccharides by hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (2016) Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 30: 2323–2330

Elviri L., Foresti R., Bianchera A., Silvestri M., Bettini R. 3D-printed polylactic acid supports for enhanced ionization efficiency in desorption electrospray mass spectrometry analysis of liquid and gel samples (2016) Talanta 155: 321-328

Galli C., Parisi L., Elviri L., Bianchera A., Smerieri A., Lagonegro P., Lumetti S., Manfredi E., Bettini R., Macaluso M. Chitosan scaffold modified with D-(+) raffinose and enriched with thiol-modified gelatin for improved osteoblast adhesion (2016) Biomedical materials 11(1):015004  Full text available here

De Robertis S, Bonferoni MC, Elviri L, Sandri G, Caramella C, Bettini R. Advances in oral controlled drug delivery: the role of drug-polymer and interpolymer non-covalent interactions (2015) Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 12(3): 441453

Elviri L., Asadzadeh M., Cucinelli R., Bianchera A., Bettini R. Macroporous chitosan hydrogels: Effects of sulfur on the loading and release behaviour of amino acid-based compounds (2015) Carbohydrate Polymers 132:50-58


Bianchera A., Salomi E., Pezzanera M., Ruwet E., Bettini R., Elviri L. Chitosan Hydrogels for Chondroitin Sulphate Controlled Release: An Analytical Characterization (2014) Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry  Full text available here 

Elviri L., De Robertis S., Baldassarre S., Bettini R. Desorption electrospray ionization high-resolution mass spectrometry for the fast investigation of natural polysaccharide interactions with a model drug in controlled release systems. (2014) Rapid Communications inMass Spectrometry 28:1544–1552


Vigliano M., Bianchera A., Bettini R., Elviri L. Determination of Hyaluronic Acid in a Chitosan-Based Formulation by RP C18 and HILIC LV-ESI MS: an Evaluation of Matrix Effect (2013) Chromatographia 76: 1761-1766

Romani A.A., Ippolito R.L., Riccardi F., Pipitone S., Morganti M., Baroni M.C., Borghetti A.F., Bettini R. In vitro blood commpatibility of novel hydrophilic chitosan films for vessel regeneration and repair (2013) Advances in Biomaterials Sciences and Biomedical Applications Prof. Rosario Pignatello (Ed.), InTech, DOI: 10.5772/52706. Available here

Bettini R., Romani A., Morganti M.M., Borghetti A.F. Physicochemical and cell adhesion properties of chitosan films prepared from sugar and phosphate-containing solutions (2008) European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 68:74-81


Abstract presentations

Bergonzi C, Andreani D., Bianchera A., Bettini R., Elviri L. Development of biocompatible 3D printed chitosan-based scaffolds containing Vitamin E. European Society for Biomaterials-Athens Sept 4th-8th 2017 Abstract PDF

Bergonzi C, Saccani M., Bianchera A., Bettini R., Elviri L. Studying chitosan films enrichment with fibronectin-aptamers complexes by mass spectrometry European Society for Biomaterials-Athens Sept 4th-8th 2017 Abstract PDF

Intini C., Bergonzi CBianchera A., Bettini R., Elviri L. Physicochemical and biological characterization of 3D printed chitosan scaffolds for tissue engineering European Society for Biomaterials-Athens Sept 4th-8th 2017 Abstract PDF

Avventuroso, G., Silvestri, M., Pedrazzoli, P., A Networked Production System to Implement Virtual Enterprise and Product Lifecycle Information Loops, 20th IFAC 2017 World Congress, Toulouse, France, July 2017 Abstract PDF

Avventuroso, G., Foresti, R., Silvestri, M., Morosini Frazzon, E., Production Paradigms for Additive Manufacturing Systems: a Simulation-based Analysis, ICE Conference, Madeira, Portugal, June 2017. Abstract PDF

Elviri L., Bergonzi C., Bianchera A., Foresti R., Silvestri M., Bettini R. Drug release from 3D printed chitosan hydrogels for soft tissue regeneration. 4th Congress on Innovation in Drug Delivery, 25-28 September, 2016 Antibes-Juan le Pins, FranceAbstract PDF

Bergonzi C., Elviri L., Bianchera A., Foresti R., Silvestri M., Bettini R. Optimization of a 3D printing technique for the production of biocompatible chitosan scaffolds. 10th A.It.U.N. meeting on “Non traditional emerging technologies in drug product manufacturing” May 5-6, 2016 Parma, Italy Abstract PDF

Romani A.A., Tozzi R., Morganti M.M., Soliani P., Bettini R., Borghetti A.F. Multilayered chitosan scaffold for bile duct reconstruction Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy 62(8):491-492 · October 2008 Abstract PDF


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