Executive Management


Chief Executive Officier (CEO), Chief Scientific Officer & Founder

Lisa Elviri, professor of Analytical chemistry at the University of Parma, is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at M3DATEK Srl. Since 2001 she is a researcher at the University of Parma gaining a sound experience in the management of analytical laboratories and research and development programs. Strongly believing in inter-disciplinary formation, she worked in the biotech, food, forensic, environmental and clinical fields as project manager and developer of immunoassay nanotechnology printing-based diagnostic kits for private companies (UK, D), focusing attention to the scientific and technological transfer. Her research experience includes preparation and characterization of polymeric materials, proteins of biological and food interest, method development and validation, mass spectrometry, immunoassay and chemiometry. She is Author of 80 international publications, one patent and more than 140 partecipations to national and international congress.



Senior Advisor & co-Founder

Ruggero Bettini is full professor of Pharmaceutical technology at the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Parma and Senior Advisor ad M3DATEK Srl. Already founder of the start-up PlumeStars srl, his professional experience is focused on the technological transfer between University and private Pharma-companies, mainly on the preparation of solid dosage forms for controlled and site-specific drug delivery, as well as solid-state chemistry for improving biopharmaceutical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in particular with natural polymers for regenerative medicine applications. He is Author or co-author of 95 international papers and 15 patents.



Chief Tecnology Officer (CTO) & co-Founder

Marco Silvestri worked in automation and industrial vision fields as developer and responsible for validating automated machinery for GSK (ampoules) and BBraun (medical devices). He’s been head of R&D of the equipment manufacturer for meat industry Tecnomec srl.

Since 2002 he is researcher at University of Parma, where he’s been scientific manager of the postgraduate course on Automated Machines for the Life Sciences Industries. Since 2012 he is docent-researcher at the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland.

He is chief scientist of several research and technology transfer projects in the fields of 3D printing of food and biomedical products, in-line metrology for high precision manufacturing, advanced diagnostic systems and non-conventional controls for homogenizers. He’s been active member of GAMP Italy since its foundation (2006).