Product Development


Biopharmaceutical Chief Operating Officier (COO) & co-Founder

Annalisa Bianchera, after her master degree in Health Biotechnology, developed a cross expertise in biotech and pharmaceutical technologies. During her PhD course in Biology and Molecular Pathology she focused on the isolation of multipotent stem cells for tissue regeneration, acquiring a sound know-how in the setting up of primary cell cultures and in the analysis of gene expression patterns. After completing her academic education, she continued her research activity in the field of pharmaceutical technologies, working on the preparation of polymeric systems for the controlled release of drugs as well as on development and validation of analytical methods, with a specific focus on the accreditation of testing laboratories as well as certification of quality management systems. She is author or co-author of 10 international papers and 2 patents about innovative pharmaceutical formulations.


Biopharmaceutical Project Manager (PM) & co-Founder 

Carlo Bergonzi, graduated in Health Biotechnology, developed expertise in the biochemistry and molecular Biology field during his bachelor degree internship in “Biological sciences”. Further competences in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical technology field have been acquired during the master degree internship period and subsequently to a period of one year of scolarship at the interdepartmental center for the innovation of health products Biopharmanet-tec. He’s a candidate PhD in “Scienze del Farmaco, delle Biomolecole e dei Prodotti per la Salute” at the University of Parma, dedicating himself to the development of the 3D printing technology apllication in biomedicine and and tissue regeneration. He is co-author of 2 international papers about innovative pharmaceutical formulations and analytical technique validation in mass spectrometry